A Near-Hug Experience
Apotek Hjärtat

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The pandemic was challenging. One of the many things that were taken away from us was the ability to hug loved ones. And since Apotek Hjärtat is the caring pharmacy, they wanted to help. Therefore, we teamed up with a neuroscientist and created a digital hug that was launched on International Hug Day.

Our digital hug was based on research that shows that you can achieve the same effects as from a real hug just by watching and listening to a hug. Because a hug isn’t just cosy, it's also good for you. It releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which helps lower blood pressure, counteract stress and strengthen the immune system. Our digital hug became a way to increase well-being and create comfort for all the Swedes who missed hugging their loved ones during the pandemic.

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