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Musikförläggarna is a Swedish industry organization for music publishers that’s been awarding Musikförläggarnas Prize to the most outstanding Swedish songwriters, composers, and lyricists since 2003. In 2023, the prize celebrated its twentieth anniversary, and to commemorate it, we wanted to honor the craftsmanship behind the lyrics. So, we created "Poesik" – a book that illuminates how song lyrics encapsulate and are influenced by the spirit of the times in which they are created.

We let four prominent music journalists and cultural personalities choose and interpret influential Swedish songs from the past twenty years. To really highlight the words and the typography, we designed the book using as few other graphical elements as possible. In black and white, the lyrics create a visual image and take on the form of the poetry they represent.

"Poesik" was released at the Book Fair in Gothenburg, and pop professor Jan Gradvall acknowledged this by dedicating an entire column to the book.