The 1 Millisecond Ad

  • Art direction
  • Communication strategy
  • Consumer PR
  • Copywriting
  • Creative campaign
  • Social media activation
  • Web design

Responsiveness is a hard currency when it comes to gaming. That's why it's so important that the equipment matches your ability. So, when Logitech wanted to talk about its LIGHTSPEED technology, we had to capture the attention of one of the most fast-paced target groups – professional gamers. Our solution was to make an ad that was as long as the reaction time of the mouse.

1 Millisecond Ad is a campaign that uses the product's advantage to earn attention. Just talking for 1 millisecond can feel dry and elusive. But dramatizing it and showing how short of a time it actually is, and rewarding those who can react that quickly, allows us to start a dialogue with those we want to reach. In addition to an almost ridiculously short commercial, the campaign was supported by a treasure hunt with some of the Nordics' most popular Twitch streamers.