The Boobs and Balls Meditation
Apotek Hjärtat

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Detecting cancer in time saves lives. So, during the pandemic when the healthcare system was strained and had to cancel routine examinations, it resulted in fewer cancerous tumours being detected in time. Therefore, we needed to create something that reminded you to routinely examine your body in the comfort of your own home. We created the Boobs and Balls Meditation – a self-examination podcast developed with experts and a mindfulness coach that guides the listener to look for changes in problem areas such as the breasts, scrotum, groin and armpits.

The campaign goal was to reach a younger target group than Rosa Bandet campaigns usually reach. Therefore, our strategy was to combine the meditation app trend and humour with a serious message. An unexpected and disarming combination that turned out to be a vital evening routine for many.

28 210 listened minutes
4 624 306 in PR reach
ROI at 433 %

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